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After more than two decades in action, the iconic Rampage will be taking its final ride on Tuesday, 25th April as the summer season draws to a close.

Across its 22-year reign, Rampage has thrilled just short of 1 million riders since it opened in the summer of 2001, with more than 660 lunches lost to the ‘adrenaline-generator’ over the years.

Towering in at 13.5 metres high, and costing the equivalent of $3.3M in today’s terms, Rampage was the biggest thrill ride to ever hit Western Australia when it launched, and since then has been a favourite of park-goers, theme-park enthusiasts, and the wider community.

When can you ride the Rampage?

From Friday 7th April, the park will be open every day from 10am to 5pm, until the last day of the season, Tuesday 25th April. 


What are the rider requirements for Rampage?

  • Minimum Height:        145cms
  • Maximum Height:       195cms
  • The over-the-shoulder restraint harness must be able to achieve the fully-closed and secure position.

Due to the physical demands of this ride, riders must be in good health, free from limitations, or known medical conditions including the following:

  • Recent surgery
  • Back, bone and neck injury
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart Conditions
  • Nervous disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Motion Sickness

Riders must also remove all loose items for your safety.


Historical greatness!
Launched on the 29th of September 2001, at the time, Rampage heralded a new commitment to the development of Adventure World.  Rampage would prove to be the next cornerstone in the expansion of the park and heralded what Adventure World has become today.


Best described as a high thrill ride that delivers a rider experience on the aggressive side, for anyone who hasn’t experienced the power of the Rampage yet, there are now only a matter of days left.


Rampage’s appeal has spanned at least 2 generations of West Australian thrill seekers and for many visitors to Adventure World, Rampage was their very first experience of a theme park thrill ride.


Across it’s 22-year reign, Rampage has thrilled more than 935,000 riders.  The team also estimates they’ve cleaned-up at least 660 ‘wet messes’ with Rampage being second only to Goliath when it comes rider’s taking on more than they can chew and ‘losing their lunches’!

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A very "unique" ride launch!
Tuesday, 2nd of October 2001             

Spencer Tunick, world renowned photographer who made a huge name for himself organising large-scale nude photo shoots around the world was in Australia and appearing on the country’s highest rating night-time variety and interview television show “Rove Live” – Anchored by none other than one of Perth’s favourite sons, Rove McManus.

Rove and his crew knew we were launching something pretty special and wanted to lend their support and be part of the launch.

In true Rove style though, a simple live television cross to promote the launch wasn’t enough!

“We’ve got Spencer Tunick coming on the show – He’s the photographer who specialises in large-scale nude photo shoots.  Do you think we could put 31 riders on Rampage, live, on national television…With all of them nude!”

That was the question put to us by Rove!

We of course did an assessment and promptly agreed to make it happen – Not that it had ever been done before!

Subsequently, Rampage was launched to a national viewing population nearing one million television viewers.

This, shall we call it, unusual angle when it comes to the launch of a new ride, has subsequently been replicated by others over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will something be taking the place of Rampage?
No, not immediately. Somewhere down the track though, something very exciting will be coming!

Are you closing Rampage because you are concerned about its safety?

No, we are not. We have absolutely no concerns regarding the safety of our Guests or Families on Rampage.


We do understand why some would ask this question. It is best answered by comparing the retirement of a thrill ride with something we’re all far more familiar with, and at the same time for which safety is also crucial – The family car.


The family car is typically owned for many, many years – It serves us well, we continue to enjoy it and most importantly, it’s still safe and reliable.


It becomes not a matter of whether it’s safe for your family anymore or not, it’s simply just time to move on.  It’s just the same for a themepark ride.


It’s also important to understand that for its 22-years, Rampage has had an exemplary safety and reliability record and that continues to be case today.


A stringent regime of Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Inspections and Works Programs, all overseen and audited by a third-party themepark specialist engineer, who works with the largest parks and largest thrill rides in the country, have kept it in good condition all these years!


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What are you interested in hearing about?

Our Acknowledgement

Adventure World acknowledges the Nyungar people of Beeliar boodja. We acknowledge the rich heritage and significance of the Bibra Lake lands as a place of meeting and community, a place on which the Nyungar people of Beeliar boodja and other Nyungar would come to camp and to fulfil their social and cultural obligations, and on which we reside today.

We wish to pay our respects to this history, this culture and ongoing connection with the land, and to their Elders past and present.

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